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Journey of the Mind

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About Susan Fiori

Susan Fiori received her BFA from San Francisco State University after several years as a gallery owner and printmaker in Cleveland, Ohio.  There she won many awards and her work was purchased widely for both commercial and private collectors.

For many years, Susan worked with metal, creating small narrative pieces, miniature worlds in beautifully crafted wood and metal boxes.  Since moving to Mexico, she has changed mediums and now works solely with clay.  These sculptures of people and animals are both serious and whimsical and often mythical.  

Susan has always portrayed imagery from folklore, eastern spirituality, daily and nocturnal musings and contemplations.  Her clay pieces are colored with pastels, although much of the white clay remains, a reference to classical sculpture.  Her joy in working with clay comes from the continuing dialogue with the clay.  Each step in building a sculpture demands creativity and fluidity, requiring that she remain open to the process and its end result.

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